Without understanding, how can we improve?

The industry’s most ambitious data study. Welcome to our GC Thought Leaders Experiment.

25 GCs Signed Open Letter to Learn From Client-Firm Relationships

These clients worked closely with AdvanceLaw on a real-time data study of which client and firm behaviors drive satisfaction and results. The insights are powerful.


A Few Highlights from the GC Thought Leaders Experiment

Why a Fortune 200 GC migrated all his work from certain firms

What is the Experiment, and does it it help both clients and law firms?

How law firm panels often backfire and demotivate firms

Our Method

We looked at data from dozens of in-house legal departments, hundreds of law firms, and thousands of matters to determine which attributes (e.g., flat fees, firm size, relationship length, legal spend, convergence, feedback, rates) influence performance (e.g., quality, responsiveness, expertise, solutions focus) on actual legal work. This is not an opinion survey; it’s regression analysis to learn which behaviors drive results.


Published Findings